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Build Together – A Tale of Two Cities….or one City, a Village, and some Land!

Santa Fe is growing. Continuing tangible steps toward an elegant development plan is a must as Santa Fe continues a difficult slog through the largest housing crisis in a generation.   In this three-part RADIO series, the Build Together Radio Show interviews affordable housing advocates, a professional in the development community, and a couple of Village Organizers. At first listen, you might expect the players to be on different sides of the issue, but we were surprised at how seemingly (and potentially) unified all the different voices sound. Perhaps the devil is in the details.

Enjoy these shows as we explore the pending annexation of Area 1B into the City of Santa Fe, a potential designation of the 1,100 acres into the Agua Fria Traditional Village, and many more issues at play when it comes to the issue of developing housing in the Santa Fe Area.

April 29-30 EP122 – Build Together – PART 2 – Agua Fria Traditional Village organizers William Mee and Sid Monroe join the show to discuss the City Annexation v County Designation Debate – Housing Strategies are Political, Passionate, and High Stakes!

MAY 6 -7 – Episode 123 Build Together – Housing Strategies are Political, Passionate, and High Stakes! We bring you Part 3 of a Deep-Dive into Santa Fe Housing Crisis v3.2023 – guest Johanna Gilligan of Homewise dives into discussion with us regarding Santa Fe County Area 1B / aka soon-to-be annexed into City / aka future designate of the Agua Fria Traditional Village.

In Discussion with Daniel Werwath Executive Director for New Mexico Interfaith Housing. Mission: New Mexico Inter-Faith Community Housing Development Corporation (NMIF) is a 501(C)3 charitable organization. Our mission is to develop high-quality affordable housing and provide supportive services for residents of affordable housing projects in New Mexico.

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