Creating a Language of Santa Fe Design w/ High Desert Homes *SPECIAL* VIP Reception at Deer Stalker & More

Get your tickets to Parade today. And on your commute – PRESS PLAY below to join a talk with SFAHBA member-builder and architect, Ramon Gabriel Martinez of High Desert Architecture / High Desert Homes as he describes his own journey to create powerful homes in the Southwest and Santa Fe and giving voice to his own language of Santa Fe design.

Today, for the 30th year in a row, local professionals of our home-sweet-home building industry will fan out across Santa Fe and visit the homes in this year’s Haciendas – A Parade of Homes, our Association’s 30th.

These Parade Judges visit the homes first, before you head out on the Parade beginning Friday, to complete an impossible assignment. They must choose one home from more than a dozen phenomenal creations to become this year’s GRAND HACIENDA!

Wish them luck!

We have come a long way as an association in 30 years, creating beautiful homes while birthing and evolving across the decades what is known as “Santa Fe Style.”