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March 16, 2022


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2022 Remodelers Showcase

Greenhouse Spa

A Green Outdoor-Living Innovation


Sometimes, two great tastes taste even better together.

Such was the case with builder Andrew Hunt of Love Builds Inc. who took his enjoyment of outdoor hot tub soaks in winter and melded it with his vast experience constructing greenhouses. The result of this remodeler’s alchemy was a greenhouse with its own hot tub. Not only does the coverage of the greenhouse provide protection from the biting winds of a New Mexico winter, but it also has an amazingly practical purpose.

Hunt learned that the hot tub’s heat and moisture were ideal fits to thermally regulate and moisten a greenhouse environment. Thus, was born the greenhouse spa. Built expertly and with a woodworker’s care by the Love Builds team, the end wall framing, and aluminum plastic sheeting channels are curved with the gables. This exceptional custom manufacturing detail treats the sheeting with extra care, while also making it easy to remove for part of the season, adding no cost to offer this added beauty to the living space. For more information, email

photography by Andrew Hunt

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